Six Months of Another Laissez Faire Semi Lockdown

Bournemouth, July 2020 First off, closing pubs at 10pm is irrelevant because the virus does not adhere to c

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Bournemouth, July 2020

First off, closing pubs at 10pm is irrelevant because the virus does not adhere to closing times, the people in pubs will be infected irrespective of the closing hour. You could set the closing times to 9.30pm and still have people infected. The PM’s lacklustre restrictions for six months semi lockdown barely address the real reasons why this malevolent virus is spreading once again.

Infections are increasing because of schools and universities opening, many young people are asymptomatically spreading the virus far and wide. Increased footfall is the primary variable of opening educational institutions, as well as students being crammed into enclosed spaces without masks. The airborne pathogen lingers in the internal atmosphere of classrooms inhaled, then distributed. Children hold particularly virulent loads of the virus in their nasal passages for up to three weeks without showing symptoms, so as a vehicle for distribution they are perfect conduits. Millions of secondary school children have to use public transport to get to and from school, thus increasing infection levels in unclean, crowded buses/trains.

Once children from schools return, they distribute their viral loads to any adults within the vicinity either through touch, speech or simply breathing.

The current exponential rise we are seeing is partly to do with educational institutions being forced to open, including a reaction to the early opening up of certain business sectors in the summer, and the lockdown which was conducted in a very lax manner, with little or no enforcement.

The parties, the beach revellers, hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools forced to open crammed with people all are responsible for the increase in infection. International flights from infected areas have continued unabated throughout the so-called first lockdown, and will continue to redistribute the infection for as long as the flights keep coming in and going out.

The Covid-19 airborne particles land on people’s eyeballs and are absorbed into their systems with great ease and frequency therefore simply wearing a mouth and nasal covering is not sufficient in preventing infection. This is also another reason why the infection rate has increased.

The temperate European climate at certain times of the year are also factors that should be included in the increase in virus infections, along with many people flouting safety measures purely for selfish reasons.

Scientists also need to factor in that Covid-19 is found in bodily fluids, including male sperm, therefore, sexual contact could also be a way that the virus spreads.

It was all down to the initial lockdown being largely ignored by many people who carried on as if nothing was happening, and the drop in restrictions in the summer, which increased the infection rate when all shops, restaurants, and pubs opened.

In contrast to lockdowns, herd immunity is a theory given by some scientists, however this would involve accepting the death of hundreds of thousands of people and is not guaranteed herd immunity because the Covid-19 antibodies do not last for more than three months in humans. If infected once, a human can be re-infected multiple times by coronavirus when the antibodies dissipate.
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