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Persian Gifts for Women Tourists traveling to all parts of Iran can give sort of Persian gift or&nb

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Persian Gifts for Women

Tourists traveling to all parts of Iran can give sort of Persian gift or souvenir such as conventional textures, quilts, desserts and nuts and flavors, hand-woven carpets and kilims, and etching for their adored ones. Different cities of Iran have interesting Persian gifts and souvenirs that are made within the flawlessness of aesthetics, style and adoration.

In spite of the fact that touring in Iranian markets appears alluring and fabulous; But it is superior to induce familiarity with the most excellent trinkets having a place in each city in your Iran tourism so merely can return to your city with a full hand.

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1. Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America

Firoozeh Dumas captures her life in the United States perfectly through this heartfelt book. At only seven years old, her family left Abadan, Iran and moved to California. She talks about some humorous memories regarding her differences with typical Americans but also shares troubling stories of the difficulties Persians faced during the Islamic Revolution.

We love this book because many Iranian women have similar stories. Dumas tells her stories in a smart, introspective manner. They remind of us tales we heard as children.

2. Iranian Persian Poem Scarf

If you go to Iran, you will see women in scarves, also known as hijabs, since this head covering is legally required. That said, many Persian women enjoy wearing shawls as a fashion statement.

The poem scarf features Farsi calligraphy poems in a beautiful, unique pattern. The material is lightweight, and the color options are gorgeous. This scarf is best used for fashion as it is thin and will not keep in much heat.

If the woman in your life speaks Farsi, then she will love this gift! If she does not know the language, then this is a perfect way to share an aspect of your culture with her.

3. Persian Calligraphy Necklace 

This is probably the most beautiful item on our list. We love this necklace because it is gorgeous and shares a lovely aspect of Persian culture, our poetry. The necklace includes a line from Rumi, a poet and Sufi mystic from the 1200s. You can listen to this poem here.

As far as Persian gifts for women goes, this necklace is sure to make your loved one’s day. There are many styling options from which to choose, so you can craft a gorgeous piece of jewelry that will make her feel loved on Christmas. The pendant is nicely sized to show off this classic Persian poem. You can also choose the metal, but all will shine bright and do not tarnish.

This item is custom-made, so each necklace is unique. You can give this to your mom as a cultural memento or give it to a special someone to proclaim your love for her. Whatever you choose, do not forget to explain the meaning behind the words!

4. Madar Bozorg Mug

If you are not Iranian, then you might be thinking, “What on earth is a Madar Bozorg?” Well, the term literally means “big mother,” but it is how you say grandmother in Farsi. Why not hand this mug to your grandma to show her how much you appreciate her?

We think the mug is fantastic since it not only does shares a small tidbit of the Persian language, but it also is resistant to wear and tear. Far too often, the writing on novelty mugs wears down and disappears after only a few uses. Rest assured that this present will keep your grandma smiling each time she uses it.

If you are learning Farsi and want a funny gift to share with someone, then this mug might do the trick! Tell your grandma what it means and show off your newly acquired Farsi skills.

5. Original Persian Nougat – Gaz

You may be wondering how candy ended up on our list of Persian gifts for women. Gaz is a pistachio nougat that many Iranian’s grow up eating. Almost everyone has some gaz or a similar treat on their coffee table or somewhere in the kitchen.

Why not give your loved one the taste of home with this delicious Iranian candy? Or, if you have a friend who loves Persian food, then gift her a box for Christmas.

Of all candy options, we chose this one because the pieces are individually wrapped. Many times, Persian treats get mixed up and create a powdery or sticky mess. Also, this gaz tastes the closest to what you would get in Iran. 

6. Love Persian T-shirt

This is a perfect Persian gift for women who you love! As we already mentioned, “eshgh” is the Persian word for love.  Iranians enjoy poetry, and love is often a theme that many poets cover.

This subdued shirt will allow your loved one to know she is loved each time she wears it. Moreover, it lets your family member or friend share her Iranian heritage with the world. If she is not Persian, then it is a great conversation starter.

7. Electric Samovar Tea Maker

If you have spent any time around Iranians, then you know how much they like their tea. Traditionally, tea is made with a samovar. A samovar is an appliance that combines both kettle and teapot. Why not embrace a blend of new technology and tradition with this electric samovar?

It is the perfect gift for the woman who often hosts friends for tea and conversation. We love how large this kettle is because it eliminates the need to run back kitchen for more tea!

We noticed that tea seemed to taste better when made with a samovar. It boils the water once and then keeps it warm, which prevents the tea from losing flavor over time.

8. Persian Tea with Cardamom Flavor

As you probably know, Persians take their tea drinking very seriously. It’s much more than just a drink to us. It is part of our everyday culture. Show your loved ones that you care by giving them a tasty Persian tea with cardamom flavor

9. The Saffron Tales: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen

Yasmin Khan traveled Iran in search of the best recipes from home kitchens. Through her journey, she not only captures delicious meals, but she also found heartwarming stories. The Saffron Tales shows a unique insight into daily life of Iranians.

One reason we love this book is that it was made to highlight the creative cuisine of

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