Gaining Freedom From an Undemocratic Authoritarian EU is NOT Breaking the Law

undemocratic eu

We want to make our own laws, and make our own trade deals, and decide for ourselves who we can deport and who to keep in Britain. This should not be a crime, this should not be against the law, but it seems, freedom, democracy and the right to self-determination is a serious affront to the undemocratic EU.

The EU centric ‘Theresa May afterbirth Brexit deal’ is not in line with democracy because it favours rule from the EU Commission a body of unelected bureaucrats who want to impose laws on Britain post Brexit — this is why Boris Johnson needs to tear the damn thing up.

How do you know you are doing the right thing? When the likes of Tony Blair, and John Major start squealing like a bunch of bellicose pigs, you know you’re going in the right direction.

As for the vindictive threat by the EU to halt all trade with Britain, we can do the same with the EU, and stop the wine, champagne, fromage and European cars. Seeing as Britain is by far the largest market for these products, this should leave a vast dent in their pocketbooks for a while. As for British fishing grounds, how about we bring out a few destroyers cruising our British waters?

Another niggling detail Britain must be aware of is the danger from America, as Pelosi and her little commies are threatening any trade deal with the US ever happening and meddling in our business. This is one threat we must watch with keenness because if Trump loses, the Americans will be ruled by a bunch of far left wing commies intent on sticking it up to the Brits, and destroying any chance of a good trade deal as promised by Trump.

British lawmakers and judges need to work extra time now to write our own laws, to break away from the undemocratic EU, who is acting like a deranged bunny boiler.

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