EXODUS: The Rich Getting Ready to Abandon America if Biden Wins

It’s always good to be prepared, and accountants are now advising their clients about a possible Biden win

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rich leaving after biden win

It’s always good to be prepared, and accountants are now advising their clients about a possible Biden win in the November election. Underneath the nonsensical babbling senility of Joe Biden stands a coercive far-left agenda that plans to tax the rich at levels never before seen in the United States of America. Kamala Harris, a devout militant Marxist will effectively run the show if Biden wins, and her 5-year-plan collectivist communist ideology will ultimately mean taxation of the rich at more than 90% of their assets and income.

The idea is to redistribute wealth in America, from a rich capitalist state to one where all wealth will be distributed to the poor. The Green New Deal will need funding, and trillions of dollars from America’s wealthy will be forcibly taken to fund the program. With America already in vast debt, the Green New Deal would cost between $51–$93 trillion over the next decade with an estimated potential cost of $600,000 per household.

If you have assets and a successful business now in America, it is almost too late for you to act. No doubt, many socialist leaning wealthy Americans will welcome their riches be given to those who have never worked a job in their lives, or achieved anything, but there may be some Americans who do not take kindly to being robbed of something they have worked hard to achieve throughout their lives.

Kamala Harris has also vowed to go after Americans who stash their cash abroad in tax havens. Whether she will try to do this is in question, but nevertheless, it is prudent to be prepared.

The Democrat party has been radicalised to such a far-left level that they also plan on opening all borders for millions of people from South America and globally to enter the USA, and to receive state benefits, as well as housing. Who will pay for that? Rich Americans, of course will be presented the vast bills of trillions of dollars. With a vast influx of economic migrants, jobs will also be scarce as millions of more people will be desperate for work.

If Biden wins, prepare for the stock market to tank, simply because extreme socialism, bordering on communism, does not bode well for any market. One must also consider the mantle of uncertainty, this will be a new administration with an extreme far-left agenda, and speculators as well as long term investors will be left hanging over a cliff by their fingernails. Prepare for market drops of over 60-70% if Biden wins, thus rendering your pension pots almost worthless overnight.

Once all the riches have left America, and there is a serious brain drain of professional people, how will the Kamala Biden team raise their trillions to turn America into Venezuela or Haiti?

One must also consider social unrest during and after the election, especially if there is uncertainty in the result, or a dispute. Depending on the level of unrest, this could very well affect the stock market leading to large daily drops. If Martial Law is instated, then the phones will be off the hook, and selling your stocks will be almost impossible. As for banking, there would be limitations on the movement of money inter-banks or in withdrawals, as the entire system could shut down overnight.

If Trump continues and wins, naturally the communists will not be happy, and there will be some unrest, but this will be comprehensively quashed with extreme military force, simply because it will be Trump’s second term, and that’s when he will conduct his program of retribution unhindered. Charges of sedition to curb the militant Marxist insurrection will be viable legal options for Trump whether he wins or loses the election.

The month of November will be pivotal for the very survival of America. Either the communists who seek to destroy America win, or the patriots who love their nation and what it stands for win.

America will be fighting for its life on election night.

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