NFL Debuts New American Anthem – Booing!

People go to an American Football game at the NFL to watch the game, not to get propaganda shoved down their

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People go to an American Football game at the NFL to watch the game, not to get propaganda shoved down their throats. That’s why the divisive nature of the new BLM American Marxist movement is booed at the NFL, American patriots with or without Trump will always be disgusted at being lectured to by the virtue signalling millionaire players and teams.

“Just play the game!” was the mantra from the stands. That’s the crux of the matter, sport should be about pure sports entertainment and not political. Marxist groups like BLM, are not for equality but for black superiority and racism against anyone who is not black.

Before BLM, players were players in the NFL, no one even distinguished if someone was black, white or whatever colour, but Marxism dictates that everyone should be divided by colour and by ancient grievances, in an Oppression Olympics. Socialism and Marxism creates more racism and hatred, and BLM is a group of domestic terrorists who do not define people just as Americans, but singles out everyone in select groups dividing the nation further. One could even go as far as to say that BLM is invigorating racism, and is elementally racist itself because of the way it dehumanizes people with pale skin. To BLM, if you are white, you are deemed immediately as a ‘fascist’, as ‘privileged’ and inherently evil. This is much the same technique Stalin utilised on any group or individual who either looked at him in the wrong way, or was not a staunch communist who followed every rule by the book.

Naturally, the booing at the NFL game caused outrage amongst the socialist American media groups, as it triggered them to mass debates on their biased channels. It seems, the socialist American media is blinded so much by their own propaganda and Marxism, they cannot see the futility of their own revolutionary Soviet cause.

American Patriots, stand up and boo at these Soviet propagandists, stand and spit at the vile divisive, racist virtue signalling NFL players. Their cause is not about equality or union, it is about division, hatred and superiority of their view point over yours.

As NFL viewers dwindle, and only a handful of people man the stands, it is time Americans vote with their feet, and if the NFL and other sports continue their political stance over sport, to leave, and never come back.

Do not honour these former sports venues with your presence, do not buy the merchandise any more, do not support the virtue signalling teams or players with your hard-earned cash. Let them continue with their Soviet propaganda in empty stadiums if they so wish, until one day, maybe they may get the message that their authoritarian, totalitarian efforts are fruitless.