Has Boris Been Dealt Cards that Doom Him to Lose?

Boris hospital - xi jinping laughing coronavirus

Jolly old Boris, where is he? That old Boris seems to have disappeared a long time ago, because he not only has one headache to deal with (Brexit) but now the horrid task of getting his head around the coronavirus debacle.

These two tasks can also be splintered into a myriad of different tasks and strands of tasks, all changing constantly not only in importance but in the way they should be dealt with.

Instead of unity and support from the Shadow Government in this national time of need, there is only partisan political bickering, where Labour seems to excel and utilise Boris’ moments of contemplation or pause to attack the Tories and their ‘incompetence’. Wouldn’t it be a better world if we all came together to attack the problem of Covid-19 without ripping each other’s heads off?

Yes, Covid has affected the economy as well, so we could easily add this as number three in the major task list, because massive unemployment, businesses folding, and manufacturing do affect our daily lives. Should Boris have spent taxpayers money propping up failing businesses, nearly bankrupting the country’s coffers? That’s a question that only future generations will have to deal with as they will get the bill.

The thing about this horrid Chinese Virus, or should it be called a Chinese Curse, is that no one knows how long the bastard thing will be around. We can assume Boris thought it was a short-term problem, so he’d nip it in the bud with massive furlough schemes and a little lockdown, which did work in the short term but the buggering virus never went away, and paying people to sit at home is not sustainable.

In a globalised world, a deadly virus is free to travel as it pleases.

Naturally the DS warned about many of these issues, and we warned about the second wave, and the lacklustre lockdown, and the International flights constantly coming in and out of the UK, months ago, and naturally our articles were ignored as usual. As the second wave (which is actually a remnant of the first wave) looms upon us once again, and large parts of the North East are put under lockdown, there is even talk of a second national lockdown. The key to the massive increase in cases is of course the re-opening of schools, where asymptomatic child super-spreaders have essentially broken the barriers in infection rates exponentially.

If there is a lockdown again nationally, will it be the same laissez-faire lacklustre lockdown as before? What kind of a lockdown allows air traffic from heavily infected parts of Europe and the globe to come into the UK? If there is a second lockdown, and it is to be effective, then the military must be mobilised into the streets, the airports must be shut down only to allow supply planes, the ports must be shut down to passengers, and people must be arrested for not wearing masks in public. This Draconian method must be employed with precision and with extreme prejudice against those who flaunt it.

The same goes for Brexit negotiations, Britain must be prepared to walk away from a bad deal that would tie the country to Brussels for eternity. Brexit should fucking mean Brexit, and if the EU disputes the actions of Britain’s sovereign state, let them dispute it. In the same vein, Boris must be prepared for EU blockades and all sorts of vindictive nonsense that they will throw at us. Obviously, the loss of the EU’s biggest cash cow will hurt them more than us, and Britain has always survived the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, whatever the French and Germans threw at Les Rosbifs.

Our analysis is that the Chinese Virus will not go away any time soon, and who is going to trust a hastily concocted vaccine, especially if humans only hold antibodies for a few months after infection and the existence of multiple viral mutations make any vaccine nigh on useless?

Living with the virus is obviously the only viable option, but the question is how do you live with a potentially deadly pathogen if most of your population may die from it eventually? Well, that’s the point of the whole exercise, either the British population resorts to changing their lifestyles drastically or they die. It’s as simple as that.


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