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Six Months of Another Laissez Faire Semi Lockdown

Bournemouth, July 2020

First off, closing pubs at 10pm is irrelevant because the virus does not adhere to closing times, the people in pubs will be infected irrespective of the closing hour. You could set the closing times to 9.30pm and still have people infected. The PM’s lacklustre restrictions for six months semi lockdown barely address the real reasons why this malevolent virus is spreading once again.

Infections are increasing because of schools and universities opening, many young people are asymptomatically spreading the virus far and wide. Increased footfall is the primary variable of opening educational institutions, as well as students being crammed into enclosed spaces without masks...

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American Socialists Once Again Triggered After Ruth Bader Ginsburg Death

triggered ruth bader ginsburg

While Trump is about to fill the vacant spot in the Supreme Court with a Republican after Ruth Bader Ginsburg popped her clogs, the Democrats are getting triggered all over the place.

Some are now encouraging extreme violence, and others are simply so triggered they are doing themselves harm.

President Donald Trump is promising to put forth a female nominee in the coming week to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, pushing the Republican-controlled Senate to consider the pick without delay.

Watching American socialists, or socialists of any kind being triggered is an extremely enjoyable experience.

“The ...

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Panic Buying Lemmings Resume Supermarket Panic

panic buying Asda -Twitter
Supermarket shelves in Asda on Sunday – Twitter

We never like to say that we told you so, but it seems, we told you so. Yes, in July when everyone was on their overcrowded beach holidays and crammed into pubs getting infected with Covid-19, the DS was advising the prudent to start stocking up again while everything was relatively calm, before it was too late.

As successfully predicted to occurr in September, already supermarkets are reporting shortages in delivery slots and limits on certain items as the panic buying starts up once again.

Hospital admissions are increasing once again, and infection rates are rising at an exponential rate across the whole of the UK...

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Biden: “200 Million Americans Have Died From Coronavirus”

Mumbling Joe Biden has a message for Americans: “200 million people have died from coronavirus in America because of Donald Trump.”

Worldwide, the global death toll is just shy of a million deaths so if 200 million people died in America, the shit just don’t add up Joe. Two hundred million people, you’re saying a third of the US population died already? Well, how come the roads are still clogged up with cars and people?

If Sleepy Joe can’t get some simple numbers right, can you trust this man in a time of war with military advisers shouting at him to press the nuke button, when on the other side people are telling him to stand down and de-escalate the situation. If the war hawks have their way, it’s goodbye from all of us, and hello mutual destruction.

America is in real d...

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EXODUS: The Rich Getting Ready to Abandon America if Biden Wins

rich leaving after biden win

It’s always good to be prepared, and accountants are now advising their clients about a possible Biden win in the November election. Underneath the nonsensical babbling senility of Joe Biden stands a coercive far-left agenda that plans to tax the rich at levels never before seen in the United States of America. Kamala Harris, a devout militant Marxist will effectively run the show if Biden wins, and her 5-year-plan collectivist communist ideology will ultimately mean taxation of the rich at more than 90% of their assets and income.

The idea is to redistribute wealth in America, from a rich capitalist state to one where all wealth will be distributed to the poor...

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Has Boris Been Dealt Cards that Doom Him to Lose?

Boris hospital - xi jinping laughing coronavirus

Jolly old Boris, where is he? That old Boris seems to have disappeared a long time ago, because he not only has one headache to deal with (Brexit) but now the horrid task of getting his head around the coronavirus debacle.

These two tasks can also be splintered into a myriad of different tasks and strands of tasks, all changing constantly not only in importance but in the way they should be dealt with.

Instead of unity and support from the Shadow Government in this national time of need, there is only partisan political bickering, where Labour seems to excel and utilise Boris’ moments of contemplation or pause to attack the Tories and their ‘incompetence’...

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Former Prince Harry Shows Off His Californian Garden

harry california garden

One always loves a Sunday stroll in one’s Californian garden, and former Prince Harry is no exception as he was filmed enjoying the splendour of his new mansion yesterday.

“I come out here to my beautiful Californian garden to enjoy nature first hand and get my thoughts together, plus it gets me away from the demands I have to listen to all day long. Over here is a bush of some sorts, it looks very exotic, something that would not be found in England. There are also no grouse or deer to shoot here, but those are long gone days for me,” the former prince sniffed.

Nearby, as the camera pans around the heavy orange haze, there is only the sound of crackling, much like is heard in a fireplace.

“As you can see, the view from here is wonderful, it is a sort of smoky orange colour, ...

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Queen of California Dominates From Cattle Class on Airline

This is why there is a mass exodus of citizens from California, one only has to watch the video above to see that there is a serious problem in that state, although the problem is also now spreading like wildfire to other states too.

The Queen of California, travelling in coach class as the Americans call it, (Brits refer to it as cattle class) is an irreverent woman with delusions of grandeur exhibiting signs of a mental breakdown, and is an obvious ignorant yet proud racist.

She keeps talking about how black people are the dominant race with dominant genes, and are the original people, however she neglects to mention something called evolution...

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Cardi B Loses Cardigan in Knitting Accident

It has been reported that a celebrity called Cardi B, who not many people have heard of, has lost her cardigan in a freak knitting accident.

According to showbiz outlets, the so-called star was knitting another G-string for her new autotune performance in front of screaming 10-year-old girls, when she accidentally made a cardigan before losing it later on in the day.

“My leetle brain it cannot comprehend. I knit this and that and lose it, I wanted a G-string for my porno show but instead I knit a cardigan for my poodle. I do not know what a cardigan is, I had to look it up in a dictionary, plus I cannot read or write but my maid tell me the words,” a distraught Cardi B was quoted as saying.

The current celebrity world is completely up in...

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Man Says He is Happy to Pay For Vast BBC Salaries

bbc salaries

“I am happy to pay for the immensely overpaid BBC salaries to mediocre celebrity personalities who do not deserve a fraction of what they are paid. Gary Lineker £1.8 million per annum, no problem. Zoe Balls, £1.4 million, a drop in the ocean. In fact, I think they all need another massive pay rise.”

Speaking from the Bellevue Mental Hospital in Burnley, the 28-year-old man revealed that he is also the fifth cousin of Napoleon Bonaparte, and regularly talks to alien species from Alpha Centauri.

When asked about how he pays for the licence fee of £157.50 per annum, the man simply shrugged his shoulders, bent over and farted.

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